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About Us

Zephyr Systems was originally founded to design and develop a cargo drone.  As a result we saw a need for operations in addition to the design and manufacturing.  

We still remain focused on the ability to deliver designs, integration, and engineering support with the added benefit of operational experience.  This, coupled with our Test Range makes us a unique company in the UAS space.


A Few Words About Us

Zephyr Systems leadership has been actively involved in the aviation/aerospace industry for over 130 years.  This experience included some of the most state-of-the-art UAV/Drone projects in support of the Dept. of Defense.  This results in  a team that is capable of meeting your individual needs.


Test Range

Zephyr Systems operates a large “Test Range” in the state of Michigan.  This test range allows for realistic testing environments with the use of three separate runways and BVLOS operations.

For those that are interested in using this test range please contact us at your convenience.

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