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About Us

Zephyr Systems came about through an understood need for a drone aircraft capable of “Real Life” cargo operations.  We wanted to make buying an aircraft capable of these types of missions to be easy and cost effective for someone looking to start a package delivery or other similar business.  So Zephyr was born, where we will make buying a drone a breeze.


A Few Words About Us

Zephyr Systems leadership has been actively involved in the aviation/aerospace industry for over 30 years.  This experience included some of the most state-of-the-art UAV/Drone projects in support of the Dept. of Defense.  As a result, the founders saw a need for this technology to be available at a cost that a start-up company or individual could obtain.



Modern Equipment

We use a state-of-the-art Fixed-Wing VTOL aircraft that allows for take-off and landing nearly anywhere.  With the VTOL benefit of take-off and landing, it still maintains the benefits of a Fixed-wing aircraft for a more efficient flight.  


We also have employed the best internal components into our all-composite aircraft that allows the aircraft to remain a viable and reliable option for all of your needs.  We do all of this in one of our two locations here in the USA.

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