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Frequently Asked Questions

While this aircraft is quite large it in order to carry the payload amounts that we selected out of probability of usage, it is still a very small footprint when compared to traditional aircraft.  It has a wing span of less then 12′ with a length of less then 8′.

With that said it also comes apart and can be sto=red and transported in a carrying case for easily assembly in a field location.


We are manufacturing to all current FAA and industry specifications and regulations.  We do this while also using ISO9001 quality standards to assure the highest quality product can be delivered to our clients and customers.

In a cargo capacity, under the current testing parameters we expect the aircraft to be able to deliver 2-25lbs of cargo while also having a 1.5 – 2 hr. flight time. This could result in a package being delivered over 50 miles from location and having plenty of power left to return to starting destination.

Currently we are limited by FAA regulation for range under the BVLOS rules.  When we are fully approved we expect this aircraft to have a range of 150miles under its max take off weight.

The aircraft is currently being tested in many configurations.  The configuration would make all the difference with flight time duration.  Under a max takeoff weight we expect flight times to be 1.5 – 2 hrs. 

When under a surveillance mode we believe that loitering time could exceed 2.5 hrs.