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EH30-TIRM is an EO/IR dual sensor drone gimbal camera that supports 30x optical zoom704*576 thermal image resolution, 1800m laser ranging, and target tracking.

Adopting high-precision stabilization technology, the 3-axis gimbal has a ±0.008° control accuracy to ensure a stable image.

The thermal camera can be used to detect fire sparks in forests and the location of people or animals etc. It also supports high/low-temperature measurement, the measuring range is -20℃~+150℃(default) and 0℃~+550℃.

The high-precision laser rangefinder can accurately analyze the object’s distance within 1800 meters; with the OSD module, the distance value and other information like object longitude, latitude, gimbal Pan, tilt, and drone flight altitude will be displayed on the screen automatically.

EH30-TIRM supports 360 degrees rotation, which is very convenient for shooting, and no need to worry about getting stuck due to the angle limit;

EH30-TIRM supports dual sensors object tracking and can track static or moving targets easily. The control method is controlled via SBUS and TCP. The gimbal camera ground station also supports point-zooming, one-button back to center, and gimbal control such as zooming, focusing, and gimbal pitch/yaw control via buttons or a mouse.


Your Purchase Includes:

1x EH30-TIRM 30X EO/IR Dual Sensor Drone Zoom Camera with Laser Rangefinder and 3-axis Gimbal


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