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Zephyr Systems Malachi (battery and petrol) fixed-wing VTOL drone is specially designed for missions that conventional electric VTOL drones can’t do: 15kg heavy payload delivery and 10 hours of ultra-long endurance aviation. Given its stable structure and high reliability, it is an excellent UAV platform for emergency cargo delivery, long-distance coast patrol, oil pipeline inspection, border monitoring, etc.

10 hours ultra-long endurance
Malachi’s gasoline hybrid VTOL can fly for 10 hours with a 2-3kg payload.

15kg payload
With the streamlined aerodynamic structure design, 50kg max take-off weight (MTOW), large wing area, and small wing loading,
the hybrid VTOL drone can carry a 15kg payload for 4-6 hours.

The stable power
The 116cc EFI hybrid engine has two cylinders with independent ignition and independent fuel feeding. Also, it has an onboard auto starter and alternator, enabling it to output continuous and stable power for the VTOL.

Due to its anti-water design on the fuselage, the Malachi gas VTOL drone is weatherproof and can reach an IP55 rating. In this case, the waterproof VTOL aircraft can carry out urgent missions on rainy days, like search and rescue.

Fast deploy
The fixed-wing UAV is adapting the most advanced quick-detach technology on both airframe and cable connector, making assembly and disassembly becomes super easy.


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