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Your Eye (“OKO”) In The Sky!


OKO-250 Pro uses two CUAV C-RTK 9P, i.e., dual GPS, which features:

High reliability, since they have redundancy when there is a failure or signal loss in one of the GPS modules.

Differential GPS to obtain an attitude estimation based on GPS.

Enhanced accuracy through the distance between the two GPS antennas installed in the drone, which makes it possible to obtain a suitable navigation estimation from a minimum distance between GPS antennas of 50 cm.

No need for a compass, so drones with dual GPS sensors can be used in situations with electromagnetic interferences, such as powerlines inspections, monitoring mining works in iron mines, or other environments with strong electromagnetic fields.


Propeller auto-lock technology reduces wind resistance in fixed-wing mode and highly increases efficiency.


Quick-mount design in the tail saves space for storage and transportation.


Zephyr Systems OKO-250 VTOL also has a delivery version with a cargo cabin within the belly, which can hold a 1.2kg package with over 3.5h endurance.

It is also equipped with TF02-Pro 40m LiDAR, a high-precision single-point distance detector to prevent the drone from descending lower than the pre-set altitude to release the cargo.


There are three modes of the delivery process to satisfy different needs.

ModeⅠ(Unmanned Pick-up): A. with the pre-set route, OKO-250 VTOL will carry the package to the destination; B. drop the package after descending to the desirable height; C. return.

ModeⅡ(Fully automatic): A. with the pre-set route, OKO-250 VTOL will carry the package to the destination; B. land and disarm; C. drop the cargo; D. automatically take off after 10s (the time can be set).

ModeⅢ(Manned Pick-up): A. with the pre-set route, OKO-250 VTOL will carry the package to the destination; B. land and disarm; C. the operator manually presses the switch twice to pick up the cargo; D. the operator long presses the switch, and the drone will take off and return after 10s(the time cannot be changed).



Version: OKO-250 VTOL
Type: VTOL
Color: White
Wingspan: 2500mm
Length: 1260mm
Clearance to the ground: 100mm
Material: Carbon Fiber/ Glass Fiber/ KEVLAR/ PVC etc.

Basic Empty Weight: 7.7kg
Suggested payload(excluding battery): 1.2kg

Max take-off weight: 15.5kg
Suggested take-off weight: 12.5kg(batteries and 1.2kg payload included)
Endurance(2x6s 25000mAh battery):
Over 4h@no payload
Over 3.5h@1.2kg payload
Suggested cruising speed:
19-20m/s@no payload
22-23m/s@1.2kg payload
Stall speed:15.5m/s@1.2kg payload
Max flight altitude:4800m(Max.)
Battery: 2x6S 25000mAh (5.1kg)
Battery cabin: 260mm*150mm*85mm
Wind Resistance: 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(VTOL)
Working voltage: 12S
Working temperature: -20℃~45℃


As always, Zephyr Systems can customize tour aircraft for your needs.  We can include one of our Cameras/Sensors or integrate yours if needed.

Don’t forget to include Batteries and a charger so you’re ready to fly on day one!


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