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The ARK-350 is the flagship aircraft for Zephyr Systems.  It is designed to carry 35 lbs of cargo over a distance of 150 miles.

easy transportation

The ARK-350 unmanned aircraft breaks down into a convenient carrying case to allow for remote technology deployment.

Modular Construction

The ARK-350unmanned aircraft breaks down modularly for ease of assembly and maintenance.

Multiple Payload

the ARK-350 can not only carry cargo but has the ability to adapt to carry multiple payloads such as cameras and other sensors.



The OKO-250 airraft is a project that is another FW VTOL aircraft met to specifically answer the need for those looking for the “EYE” (OKO) IN THE SKY.  



Who is looking for a solution to the Middel -Mile delivery.  Zephyr Systems is hard at work designing and developing this solution.  The ARK-6000 is designed to carry a payload of over 600 lbs and a distance of 450 miles.