Meet Our Team

Michael Furmanski

Chief Executive Officer

Michael brings with him over 20 years of aviation experience as an aviation/aerospace professional.  He is driven to advance technologies in the unmanned aircraft industry through the incorporation of lessons learned as an Engineer, Mechanic, Pilot, and FAA Inspector.

Sara-Anne Furmanski

chief administration officer

Sara-Anne has always had a strong draw to the processes and policies that keep companies running efficiently.  From her experience in the US Army managing many personnel, missions, and assets; she understands the need to focus on the administrative tasks needed to make Zephyr Systems a success.

Cody Oakes

chief financial officer

Cody brings with him entrepreneurial experience that covers a multitude of industries.  He has served as a CEO or CFO for many organizations and looks to bring his knowledge, skills, and abilities to assure financial success and accountability to Zephyr systems, its employees, and its stakeholders.

Brian Long

Chief Project Officer

Brian has impressive expereince in his background that he brings to the Zephyr systems team.  From his time in the US Army Aviation and then Boeing, he brings with him an extensive background in managing projects both large and small.  The value added by Brian cannot be underestimated as he is monumental to the success of Zephyr Systems.

Brandon Savicki

field service engineer

Brandon is one of the Engineers involved with Zephyr Systems.  He has an extensive automotive background which augments the teams’ aviation experience and allows for the integration of technologies that allow Zephyr systems to be a leader in the industry.  Brandon has an equal aptitude in both electrical and mechanical designs.

Helen Pulver

Marketing Specialist

Helen has a passion for helping others and assisting teams to achieve a higher degree of success. With Helens’ recent success through our social media platforms and her continued thirst for learning, she is showing her value at Zephyr Systems.  Helen has a deep understanding of Psychology and understanding what our target demographic desires and helps to capture that in a media format.

Jamie Sowers

Drone Operator/Technician

Jamie will be the first to tell you her head is always in the clouds.  That is because she is fascinated and has the drive to do anything and everything related to aviation/aerospace.  Jamie is currently one of our trained operators and highly skilled technicians and will soon be one of our Engineers after graduation.


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Anthony Parker


Jason Knight


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